Kind Words

Shallin is incredibly blessed by the families she has had the honor to serve and the providers she has had the opportunity to work with. 

She is forever grateful for their kind words about her service as a birth doula.

My husband and I were so relieved and blessed to have Shallin as our doula! While my pregnancy was a breeze, my labor was difficult and scary. Shallin was a essential part of our whole experience.

For me, I had a plan from the beginning. From the moment we met Shallin she was very supportive of every choice we had chosen for my labor. She made my husband and I feel at ease and really got know us to better assist with my labor.

My labor was the scariest experience of my life. Everything that could go wrong seemed to. My entire labor Shallin was there helping me breathe, focus, supporting my husband, and so much more. She was calm when we weren’t and explained my options when things went wrong. She supported my husband when I was taken to the operating room for an unplanned C-section. She was strong when we weren’t. Her support was so significant to our experience.

A few weeks after Joanna was born we met up again for our last meeting. I didn’t feel joy about my labor until after I talked with Shallin. I felt defeated and ashamed about how it went because it didn’t go as planned. After talking it out with her I was able to see my daughter’s birth in a whole new light and was proud of myself.

We also had the privilege of Shallin taking our daughters newborn photos. She is such a professional. She was so patient with her and worked in things that meant a lot to us to have in the photos. The photos themselves turned out wonderful! We couldn’t have asked for better!

I walked away from this experience happy and fulfilled. At the end of the day all I wanted was a healthy baby girl and to know I did my best for her. Shallin was such a crucial part of getting me there! Helpful with every question I had during my pregnancy and so calm and strong during my labor. Out of all the choices that we made that went wrong, I’m so glad that we got one right by choosing Shallin as our doula!
— Samantha, mother of baby girl J
I am currently writing my birth story, however, my birth story wouldn’t have been the same without Shallin.

I am active duty Navy and so if my husband. Very early on in my pregnancy my husband was attached to a ship that had several underways and one long deployment on their schedule, so we decided to get a doula so that I would have support if he couldn’t be here.

As it turns out he wasn’t able to be present for the birth and we live very far away from family. Luckily my mother in law was able to be present for the birth and a friend of mine from work.

Shallin stepped in as my main source of strength and support during labor. She filled the role my husband would have played had he been there. Not only was she incredibly supportive towards me but she assisted the rest of my birth team in taking care of their needs.

Shallin has been so helpful throughout the pregnancy when I had questions or concerns. I will never be able to thank her appropriately for what she did for me the day my son entered this world. I highly recommend her!
— Destiny, mother of baby boy C
Shallin was a such a blessing to us during the birth of our son. She was a calm and encouraging presence, and during some minor complications following delivery, she was able to stay with mom, while dad was with baby. And what a precious gift she gave us in the beautiful photos of the first moments of our son’s life.
— Mom & Dad of baby Z
Shallin was wonderful as the doula at our first homebirth, the arrival of our second daughter. It was 4:30 in the morning when I phoned her in early labor, but she cheerfully said she would be there promptly! She also wisely encouraged us to contact the midwife, since we had not done that yet.
Arriving at our house within the hour, Shallin was a calming, supportive presence throughout my entire labor and delivery, and made us some super-yummy soup at midnight! She stayed with us the whole time, even though it was more than 24 hours until baby Esther finally arrived, at 8:30 the following morning!
My husband really appreciated having Shallin there, too, because her caring, supportive knowledge took away some of the stress of uncertainty, the anxious wondering if everything is progressing okay.
In addition to being an excellent doula, Shallin is also a fantastic photographer. We will always treasure the amazing photos she took, capturing the joy and wonder of that special day. Thanks to Shallin’s pictures, I was able to put together a beautiful, sequential photo book that shows the whole family’s involvement in the birth, a book which Esther and her big sister love to look at again and again.
As you get to know her during your pregnancy, Shallin just naturally becomes a great friend, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her as your doula.
— Kelly, mother of baby E
I first met Shallin at the Fort Drum, NY Baby Expo when I was 5 months pregnant. My husband had been deployed for all but 2 days of my pregnancy, and I had resolved that I was quite possibly going to deliver before he came home. When speaking with Shallin, I was encouraged by her enthusiasm for her role of assisting moms to bring precious life into the world.

I spoke to my husband about his feelings of hiring a doula. He had a difficult time accepting the thought of having another stranger in the delivery room with us. Shallin was very understanding of his hesitancy and offered to speak with him through Skype in order to allay his concern. I played the trump card, and decided that I needed someone who I could count on to tend to my needs during the delivery and help my husband and I bond through the miracle of delivering our first child.

For the remaining 4 months of my pregnancy Shallin was available to me for any possible need that arose. I could not believe how close we became while awaiting my husband and child. Every member of my family grew to love her and when the time came, were very grateful for her presence.

My husband arrived stateside just 2 days prior to my induction. As I had expected he was wiped out physically, emotionally, and mentally. Shallin tactfully equipped him to focus everything he had left to the arrival of our baby girl. My family holds Shallin dear to our hearts. She remains a blessing to us in many ways.
— Becky, mother of baby A
Your care and friendship have been such a blessing for my daughter and her little family. God has truly gifted you to be His hands and feet during a very important time for new moms and dads. I am grateful for your ministry to my daughter before, during and after my granddaughter’s birth.
— Grandma B
Shallin was a calm presence.
— S. Young, M.D.
This was a long labor with much interference from family members. Shallin did very well under the circumstances and was helpful to the birth team professionals.
— J. Johnson, Certified Professional Midwife
Shallin’s calm presence during the labor and delivery of our baby boy made a world of difference and we appreciate everything she’s done for us!
— Mom & Dad of baby T
I really enjoyed having Shallin as my doula!
— Lisa, mother of baby K