When should I hire a doula?

It is best to contact Shallin as soon as possible.  In order to provide the most personal care possible, Shallin only accepts a limited number of births per month.

What happens when I hire a doula?

After our initial contact, we will have a complimentary consultation to meet one another and answer any questions you may have.

Upon signing the contract of services, we will have at least two additional prenatal meetings that will include you and may include any additional loved ones attending your birth.  We will go over your desires for your birth, answer any and all questions you have, create your birth plan

We will work one on one to determine the frequency at which we need to meet or communicate throughout your pregnancy, but please know Shallin is here for you during this special time.  She is a resource for you.

Shallin is available to you from the time you sign your contract and payment has been made until you have begun your postpartum period.  This means she is on call and is ready 24/7 to pack up and meet you for your birth. 

She will stay with you continuously from the time she meets you while you are laboring until you are comfortable after your birth.  If you desire, she can provide breastfeeding support at this time.

We will have a follow up visit postpartum to check in, discuss your birth together and answer any questions you may have, or help you find the resources you need. 

P.S. If you haven't heard, Shallin also specializes in birth photography!  Hiring Shallin as your birth doula AND birth photographer means you receive an AMAZING package deal on these two services.

What training did you complete to become a birth doula? Are you certified?

Shallin Shelby completed Birth Doula training and is a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International.  To become certified, she completed an exhaustive practical workshop, required professional reading, birth experiences with exceptional reviews from her clients and their providers, excellent references, and essays on the profession.  You may verify her certification through DONA International here.

Where do you serve?

Shallin is available to attend your birth at your home or medical centers throughout central Missouri, including a 50 mile radium from Rolla: St. James, St Robert, Waynesville, Fort Leonard Wood, Salem, Licking, Dixon, Cuba, Newburg, Jefferson City, and more, including births at home and General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital and Phelps County Regional Medical Center.

What is your fee for doula services, and what does that include?

My $800 fee includes:

  • Complimentary consultation

  • At least two prenatal meetings to get to know you and your birth preferences, discuss comfort measures, go over labor positions, meet your birth team and more

  • Being "on call" for your birth (I only take a small number of births each month to provide the most individualized care possible!)

  • Attendance during your labor to a couple hours post birth

  • One postpartum visit to check in

Can you help me write my Birth Plan?

YES!  Shallin Blue can help you create your birth plan, whether or not you are a birth doula client.  Together, we can discuss and build a comprehensive, detailed professionally designed birth plan.  You may request an original copy, digital copy, or both.

Birth Plan services outside birth doula services can be done worldwide via Facetime or Skype, email and phone correspondence.  The cost is $150.

For Birth Doula clients of Shallin Blue, this service is a part of the birth doula package.

Does a doula replace my spouse, partner, or family member?

Your loved ones know you and love you.  They are an integral part of your birth journey.  It is Shallin's job as your doula to provide support to each one of you, and together, be a team.  She is there in addition to, and not in place of your loved one.  Shallin often provides support to your loved ones as well, making sure they have what they need to fully support you during your birth experience.

Does having a doula mean I need to have a home birth or all natural birth?

Absolutely not! She is there to support you in whatever birth situation you desire: home, birth center, hospital, unmedicated, open to medication, or knowing you want medical interventions.  She can provide you with evidence-based information to make the most informed decision and will support you completely throughout your labor and birth. 

In your prenatal meetings, Shallin will ask many different questions about your desires for your birth.  This helps her know how she can best support you.  Additionally, we can create your birth plan together, if you desire.  It is your decision whether or not you want to share this with your provider.

How can I contact you?

To inquire about Birth Doula services and schedule your consultation, the best way to reach Shallin is by emailing shallinblue@gmail.com or calling (573) 930-0069.  She is happy to answer your questions and looks forward to hearing from you!