Being On Call - Why A Doula is Worth the Investment

Today we begin a series on WHY doulas are worth their weight in gold.

Think about it- why should you have to pay hundreds to over $1,000 out of pocket for individualized care during your pregnancy and labor?  Won't the labor and delivery nurses do this?  Your insurance won't cover it - Is it even worth it?

I believe it is, and I believe you, your partner and your coming new arrival are worth it.

Why A Doula is Worth the Investment

Part 1 - Being On Call

Your doula is on call for you, for MONTHS!

What other profession do you know that you can personally and directly contact 24/7 via text, phone or email and they are there to answer your questions, encourage you, meet with you, and provide evidenced based information?

I had a client have an emergent pregnancy-related health situation at 33 weeks.  She was unable to reach her husband and called me.  Because I only accept a few clients per month to provide the most personal care possible, I was able to drop everything and go to her side. 

I stayed with her after her husband arrived and provided information and emotional support as they navigated the delicate situation she and the baby were in.  She was admitted to the hospital, and I visited the next few days while she awaited test results and they made decisions together.

I tell you this so you can be certain that I am there for you, not just from 38-42 weeks, but will do whatever I can to be there if you need me if you go into labor pre-term or in an emergent situation.

During your pregnancy, I am available by phone, text and email.  I guarantee return contact for non-emergent situations within 24 hours {but you can expect to hear from me MUCH sooner than that!}.

This means I am ready to leave my family, birthday party, appointments, church services and my life to meet you in labor.  I don't receive holiday pay if you go into labor on Christmas, Easter or the Fourth of July.  If I chose to have a drink with dinner or with friends, it is limited to one.  Spontaneous trips are no more - we think and plan, and let you know if I will be more than 1 hour away.

Please know I am not complaining - I wholeheartedly chose this life and passion.  I tell you so you know what's involved "in the background" and why doulas charge what they do.  In all of this, remember - I am here for and on call exclusively for you!

Your doula is a constant support - no shift change here.

Many obstetrician practices have you meet with each of the providers throughout your pregnancy so you have at least met one time the person who will deliver your baby.  Due to on call schedules, your preferred doctor, midwife or nurse may not be on call when you go into labor. 

Additionally, if you are laboring during a shift change, your staff may change, unless you have those amazing providers and nurses who stay with you until you deliver. I HAVE seen this happen! 

There are stellar maternity providers and nurses out there and I have had the honor to work with them.  It means so much when they stay with you, but they have families and commitments too, and while some may want to stay, they have to attend to their lives. 


What you can be certain of and rely on is me, your doula.  

As your doula, I do not leave your side.  I remain a constant, continuous support.  Your payment to me means I am hired by you, not the hospital or medical practice.  I am accountable to you and will remain with you throughout your labor and delivery, until after your baby is born and you are comfortable.

Coming next: Why A Doula is Worth the Investment

Part 2 - Professional, Objective Experience

I look forward to continuing this series for you this week!