The Importance of Birth Photography at a Cesarean Birth - Central Missouri Birth Doula & Birth Photographer Serving Rolla, Fort Leonard Wood, Jefferson City, St James, St Robert, Waynesville)

In a recent two week span, I attended two births.  One was as a doula + photographer, the other solely as the birth photographer.

Both families were hoping and had extensively prepared for natural, vaginal deliveries.  For reasons beyond their control, and for the safety of mom and baby and medical necessity, both ended in Cesarean deliveries.

When I meet with prospective clients for birth photography services, we discuss that in the event of a Cesarean birth, I do not refund.  


Because a Cesarean birth is just that ... a birth!  It is one of the ways a baby can enter the world, and documenting that is just as important as documenting a vaginal birth.  

I learned from one mom how all the more important it was for her to have birth photography after her unplanned Cesarean when she shared her testimonial of my photography services with me (shared with permission):

My family and I absolutely love the photos and video slideshow. It means so much to us. I have been struggling with feeling guilty for not remembering my daughters birth after my C-section. It left me feeling helpless. But this video reminded me I was there. I held her. I fed her in the recovery room. And to see my husband take on a father role while I was so sick blessed me even more.

Parents should know that photography of a C-section birth is just as important if not more than a vaginal birth because of all the emotions that come along with a C-section. This video is priceless to me. I love it so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Tanya

To me, her words say it all.  

Thank you for sharing your words with me, dear one!  It is my hope that future families take your words to heart and know that in whatever way they welcome their precious new addition, they can count on beautiful, professional and timeless birth photography to capture the journey and the first moments with their child.  

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