Birthdays and Birth Days

"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why." 

-William Barclay

Today I celebrate my birthday.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have L-O-V-E-D April 14th.  The gathering of friends and family, the cake and ice cream, blowing out candles (and the "YAY, SHALLIN!!!" that follows)... and best of all the PRESENTS! 

I still love my birthday - but I have now experienced the second great day of my life.  I now know my "why". 

My "why" is Birth Days.

Being a birth doula brings a whole new appreciate to the word "birthday", or as I think of it Birth {space} Day. 

Just as the dash between our first day on earth and our last is where our story lies, so the space in our first day, or Birth Day, is what separates our first Birth Day from all the birthdays to come.

This certain day, a space in time, is our time.  People will recall our day, our moment for the rest of their lives, the rest of our lives.  This story will be told, it will be remembered.

As a birth doula, I consider it one of the highest honors to support you as you prepare for this new Birth Day in your life.  I know it is a day you have anticipated, thought about, dreamed of, worried about and prepared your heart, mind and soul for.

You can be certain that I have prepared for this day too - I have dedicated my life to it.

I am ready for this day you have chosen me to be with you, supporting you, encouraging you, empowering you and smiling with you as you celebrate and the new presence on Earth, your new child and their Birth Day. 

As I celebrate today, I celebrate you and your Birth Days.  I eagerly anticipate the many Birth Days I will be a part of in the future.

Happy Birth Day to you, Happy Birth Day to you, Happy Birth Day one and all, Happy Birth Day to you!


Why Shallin Blue?

Sitting in class at Penn State, dreaming about the florist I would have one day (still in the works!), I already knew what the name would be, Shallin Blue.  It may seem conceited, to name a color after yourself. 

But it had become me, it had claimed me. 

Choosing to include 'blue' had become en vogue after all - Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy.  Before her, John Travolta and Kelly Preston and named their daughter Ella Bleu.  And before that, Elvis had those blue suede shoes.  But it was more than just a trend to me.

Shallin Blue was inspired by a certain shade of blue that had captured my heart.

Not cerulean, azure, cobalt, navy; neither  turquoise nor sapphire...   It's a color that I have never been able to find in paint swatch for (Who names them anyway?  Sign me up!), although my eyes glance that direction every time I venture through the local hardware store.

The hue of Shallin Blue captured here, at Knip Beach, Curacao

The hue of Shallin Blue captured here, at Knip Beach, Curacao

A certain hue slightly lighter than those roofs slapped against the whitewashed homes escalating my beloved Santorini; it's the water that draws many to the Caribbean, whether to dip their toes in the warm sand or in their everyday day dreams; it's the ribbon of color situated between green and purple on God's promise to us from Noah until now; it's in the vintage Mason jars in pints, quarts and half gallons with the matted silver lids formed out of zinc that were meant to be used at my wedding someday; and coincidentally, it was the color shirt a very Handsome soldier wore the first day we met.

Shallin Blue just is me. 

Since high school, those who know me and love me best use it freely.  "I saw a pair of Shallin Blue earrings today and thought of you!" or, "We are assigning a certain color hand towel to each employee, I'm assuming you want Shallin Blue?" YES!

As my business follows my Handsome soldier wherever the United States Army sends us, I can readjust my business to each new place without a hitch.  It will follow me easily - because this business is me.

I have invested all of me into these two callings God has placed on my heart - serving as a doula and photographer.  They have their fierce grip on me, squeezing out a fire and a passion that overflows and overwhelms.  I am embracing it.  I am ready to serve. 

Are you ready to receive?



A New Start

I have known for a long time I should blog.  It's good for business, it's good for networking, it's good to spread the message about who you are and what you do. 

I worried though - would it be good for me, the real me?  I was afraid of the unknown, and possibility of opening myself up, the negative feedback.  I was scared displaying my vulnerability.

I am still scared.  But now, I am MORE afraid of what won't happen, and that is, getting this dream that is bigger than me out there.  I am not going to reside in fear.  My dreams are TOO BIG to leave behind.


My heart is stirring.  My mind wheels are whirring.  My soul is ready. 

I will be rocking my Rock'n'Roll Doula mentor's wise advice:

"If you're goals don't scare you, they aren't big enough!" - Randy Patterson

If you need a birth doula or photographer, my name will be one you'll hear!