Positive Birth Affirmations

It's time ... the time to birth is here.  What words are most effective to encourage you for these final moments of labor before you met your baby?

Positive Birth Affirmations

  • I trust my ability to birth.

  • Each wave brings me closer to holding my baby.

  • I am strong! I can do this!

  • My focus is calm.

  • I let go of my fear and embrace this moment.

  • My strength allows my baby to descend.

  • I am excited and ready for birth.

  • My body was made for this.

  • I give my body the freedom to bring.

  • My body and my baby are the perfect team.

  • I trust the process.

  • I surrender and accept this birth.

  • I relax my mind and muscles.

Creative Ways to Utilize Your Affirmations

Surround yourself (literally!) with the affirmations that speak the most to you.

Here are some ways you can prepare for your birth by being creative with your Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Affirmations:

  • Make a date of it - Grab markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, construction paper, scrapbook paper, your best friend and your favorite snacks! Be creative, have F-U-N!

  • Find that window paint your bridesmaids used on your car the night you got married and write your favorite affirmations on your bathroom mirror, dresser mirror, or any other window or mirror surface in your home or car.

  • Do you love chalkboard paint? Utilize those surfaces throughout your house and go old school with colored chalk.

  • Make a collage - use magazines and newspapers. Find books at Goodwill or the thrift store. Cut out words like Relax, Calm, Strength, Joy, Peace, Open, Trust, Freedom, Happy... whatever speaks to you. Use pictures. Get a bunch of paint swatches, using colors that make you feel calm.

  • Grab your favorite color markers and notecards. Write your favorite affirmations and stick them everywhere - on your fridge, by the kitchen sink, in the corner of picture frames, on your bedroom door, on your nightstand, in your underwear drawer... the possibilities are endless!

  • Use your alarm for good - utilize the label function on your alarm to wake up to encouragement. See?


Take Your Affirmations into Your Birth Environment

Remember to take your affirmations (and tape!) to your birth with you.  Tape them to the wall of your birthing room.  If there's a TV, tape it over the screen.  Tell your birthing team which affirmations are effective for you (and which ones are NOT) to encourage and empower you each step of the way.

I am excited for you - you can do this!

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