Why I Celebrate Today

There are a few things I know about today.

Today I am a little sister.  Three years younger and an inch shorter.

I know when I was the one that loved soccer, she was a swimmer.  As a preteen, I drooled over the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, she loved Hanson. 

I know all too well that she got to get her ears pierced first, go to school first, drive first, go to prom first, and the first one to go to college.

I know this also meant she was the first one grounded, the first name Mom yelled (regardless of who was in trouble), and the first one held accountable.

I know I sometimes despised being the younger one, always having to wait to do the things she was already getting to do.  But, she was there to pick me up, when I went through heart breaks that she knew all too well.

I know today I appreciate her now more than ever, and unfortunately the miles separate us more than we'd like. 

I know she is my defender.  No one can mess with me without going through her first.

I know she is my cheerleader.  I always have someone in my corner. 

I know she she my best friend.  I know I will never be alone.

I know that today is her birthday.  Today I celebrate the day God gave her life, and I celebrate every day because she is my sister, and that is a bond that can never be broken.

I love you, Danielle.  Happy happy happy birthday!