Blogs I Read

I don't know about you, but when I find a blog I L-O-V-E, I am committed to it.  When I say committed, I mean I somtimes get a little stalker-ish checking it, especially when many of them were preparing to give birth and I anxiously awaited those birth announcements and birth stories!  (It's a doula thing.) 

The blogs I have come to be a fan of scan the spectrum of everything from healthy living, photography, personal journeys, crafting, business, and non-profits. 

Even more crucial to my blog-reading journey is that each blog I now read has been a domino effect from the one before.  The first one I ever fell in love with was Lauren Clark Photography's blog.  I stumbled upon her website after seeing her phenomenal work of an engagement session of two of my favorite Christian musicians, Shane Bernard of Shane and Shane, and Bethany Dillon.  You could literally feel the love in her pictures of Shane and Bethany.  It oozed from the computer screen in vivid color only Lauren Clark can capture.

I was hooked on Lauren's work from that day, and I am certain her ability to capture beautiful West Texas light and her insane use of color furthered my passion to become a photographer myself.

In a personal post, Lauren mentioned another blog, Healthy Tipping Point, on her journey to health.  Because I had come to trust Lauren, I headed over to HTP and met it's author, Caitlin, and learned about why she started Healthy Tipping Point.

Seven years later, I still check Lauren and Caitlin's blogs every few days, and have picked up some of their recommendations along the way:

Lauren Clark Photography


I hope you enjoy these amazing blogs just as much as I do.  They each come from such different backgrounds, lifestyles, careers, and I think that's what I love about them - the ability to experience life vicariously through women in such different situations than my own.

I also hope that the Shallin Blue Blog will develop into one that you check often!  There is certainly more to come - not only doula musings and photography session sneak peaks, but Shallin Blue as a military wife, friend, chef extraordinaire, creative mind, and open heart.